Latest iOS support:

Take advantage of latest iOS features. Dark mode support. With Interactive notifications you can take, snooze or skip dose right from the lock screen, no need to open the application. Today's widget shows upcoming doses at a glance with status and refill warning. Apple Watch app - see and take doses for Today with your Watch. Enable Touch ID to unlock Easy Pill with your fingerprint, use 3D Touch for quick actions.

Smart quantity tracking:

Specify amount of medication you take per dose, Easy Pill will compute the total you need to complete your course and additionally warn you when medication is running low and even tell how much more you need.

Advanced Import/Export features:

Build your schedule online in any browser and scan QR code right from your screen to import it using built-in QR code scanner. At any time you can email or print medication list from archive or currently taking including full dose log.

All features:

- Reliable reminders - no internet connection required

- Fast pill setup in just a few taps

- Visually edit pill schedule by tapping and moving dose time

- Visually see your pills for a day

- Fast take dose action - just single tap on your pill

- Due Today view - see all scheduled doses for Today grouped and sorted by time

- Track remaining doses

- Detailed history of taken doses

- Unique privacy settings: ability to change alert message and passcode protection

- Repeating/nagging reminders and ability to choose one of 15 sounds including 5 long ones!

- Pause/Resume course

- Snooze reminder (10-60 minutes)

- Archive to store finished pills and repeat courses

- Ability to email or print your current or archived drug list

- Quick link to search your pills in Safari

Easy Pill Watch

Easy Pill Track Quantity

Easy Pill Due Today