Frequently Asked Questions

Q: iOS 10 issue: sometimes reminders do not appear or appear at wrong time when using repeat reminder -continuously every minute or -continuously every hour setting. What can I do?

A: This is known iOS 10 bug that is reported to Apple. At this point the only fix is to turn off repeating reminder or use other options (repeat once - repeat five times).

Q: I see notification on screen but no sound is playing. What can I do?

A: There are a few possible reasons why you would not get sound alert. Here are the things to check:
- notification settings on your device, for this please go:
Settings -> Notification Center -> Easy Pill -> Sounds switch should be ON.
- make sure your iPhone is not in silent mode. If you activate silent mode (using side switch) - iPhone will not play sounds, this is iOS limitation.
- 'Reminders' should be ON on pill details screen when you open your pill in Easy Pill

Also try to choose a longer and louder sound in Easy Pill settings, maybe default sound is too short for you.

Q: My prescription says to take pill every 8 hours. How do I set up my reminder correctly in Easy Pill?

A: In most cases you want to take your pill at exact time every day. You need to know how many times per day you have to take it. If your prescription does not say this - just make simple computation:

24 hours (in a day) / 8 (every 8 hours) = 3 times per day.

Easy Pill will offer you dose times based on your input. You can just confirm it or modify as you need.

Q: I want to set reminder time to 9:45 but when I add my pill I see only 9 and 10 options. Is there any other way?

A: Yes! With Easy Pill you can set dose time up to the minute. Just open Pill Details screen after you add your pill, tap 'Edit Schedule', modify dose times as you need.
There is also a faster way - on main 'My Pills' screen tap and hold your finger on Scheduled or Missed pill and time picker will appear. Keep in mind this will change reminder time for all following days.

Q: How can I change the order of my pills?

A: My Pills screen sorts your medications alphabetically by default. You may turn this off in Settings and sort them manually instead. To re-order your pills on My Pills screen - just shake your device, tap and drag to change position, shake again or tap Done. On Due Today screen the pills are being sorted automatically by scheduled time.

Q: How do I delete a pill?

A: To delete your pill completely just make standard iPhone swipe (left or right). You can also move your pill to archive instead (if you want to finish your course now) - open Pill Details screen, scroll down, tap Finish Now.

Q: I did not open Easy Pill for a few days, when I opened it again my pill disappeared. What happened?

A: Your pill course was finished, the pill was moved to archive automatically (2 days after it was completed). If you want to continue taking - open Support -> Archive, find and open your pill, tap Repeat icon to schedule it again.

Q: I stopped to receive reminder notifications after a few days. How do I fix it?

A: Easy Pill is pill tracker, please don't forget to open it and mark taken pills. Easy Pill will also update your reminders and set up new ones.

If you don't find an answer to your issue feel free to contact us!