User Guide

Easy Pill is very simple to use!

To add new pill you need to fill in just a few fields and answer three simple questions (just like what we get in our prescriptions!):

- frequency - how often you need to take pill
- how many doses per day?
- how many days?

On second screen the app shows automatically generated time schedule for a day. You can confirm it or change dose times by dragging and moving blue boxes. Tap Save and you are all set up!

To take dose tap on pill. You can take any dose at any time but the app shows your doses in different colors to help you better track your medicine:

- blue pill - that dose is just in time and ready to take according to your schedule (dose will go blue when current time is in between 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after scheduled time)
- red pill - that dose is missed
- gray pill - that dose is scheduled
- transparent pill - that dose was taken, time on pill shows when

You can tap on taken pill and edit time when you really took your dose or cancel it at all.

Use Left and Right arrows to view previous and future days. Tap on Date to return to Today's date.

Swipe on pill to delete it.

Shake device to reorder your pills. Click Save or shake again to exit this mode.

There are additional options on pill details screen - you can edit pill properties, time schedule, enable or disable reminders, add small note (for example "Take after food"), set up start date if you plan to start taking pills on exact date.

Available modes

In most cases you will use Daily frequency mode - this is when you take pills every day at fixed time.

However we developed special modes:

- As Needed: this mode is useful if you occasionally take some medicine and just want to track it. No reminders possible for this mode. You can take up to 12 doses per day.

- Every X hours: this mode is useful when you know how many doses per day you need to take and at what intervals but you are not sure when you start your day. So when you wake up you see one blue pill, once you take it as your first day dose the app will compute and set up reminders for remaining doses according to your interval. Every time you take next dose all following dose times will be corrected so you don't take two doses in a short amount of time.

How Many Days setting

You can choose exact amount of days from 1 to 60 (considering only days when you take your pill!) or choose period during which you will take it. For example if you were said to take 4 pills overall, once a week you would set frequency to Weekly and choose 4 days. If you don't know exact number of days you can just choose During Month - During Year or Constantly.

iCloud Sync

iCloud Sync allows to control your pills from different devices. For example, you can add your pill on iPad, it will appear on your iPhone, you can take dose on iPhone and it will be updated on iPad automatically. However keep in mind it takes up to several minutes to sync data between devices. If you plan to use iCloud syncing it is safe to enable it on your devices before you add any pills. If you're taking some med already enable iCloud Sync on that device first. Be careful when you enable syncing on second and following devices - all data will be lost and replaced with data from iCloud. iCloud is supported on iOS5 and later. Don't forget to enable iCloud Documents & Data syncing in system settings.


Archive stores your finished pills. Pill will go to archive automatically two days after course was completed. You can always see what you were taking before and even repeat course.